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FAQ Skribu Digital

How long has Skribu Digital been in business?

Skribu Digital ltd is an active agency since 2020, however our team’s expertise goes back up to 5-10 years in the creative field.

What services do Skribu Digital offer?

We offer a wide range of content creation and management services in the form of flexible digital packages. Service list includes content writing, copywriting, visual editing, content planning, design, digital branding and social media management. We can also assist with website development.

Why should I work with the Skribu Digital Content Agency?

Our goal is to improve your website and local SEO & complement your overall Digital Marketing strategy. All team members have extensive expertise in their fields of work to provide you with impeccable service. We can send monthly quality reports on request.

What is a Content Pack and why do I need it?

Content Pack is a service package, tailored from scratch for each specific business. It contains different services and add-ons, customized to fit the needs and expectations of the client.

How do I choose the best Content Pack option?

The best way to know which digital branding, content or online marketing services would ultimately suit your business is to request a meeting with a project manager for a FREE consultation.

What types of subscription models does Skribu Digital offer?

Skribu Digital Content Agency work on a monthly settlement basis.

Do you offer SEO optimization service?

Yes. We offer partial SEO that covers digital content, but we also work closely with direct partners who can help you with an advanced SEO service as a third party.

Do you offer Reputation management service?

Yes. We can help you build a digital brand from scratch, gain authentic reviews, boost your local SEO, set up and manage a Google My Business profile and improve your business’ Knowledge panel.

Can you produce original Videography and Photography content?

Yes. We work with established photographers and videographers.

What types of businesses could benefit from quality content?

All online and offline business can benefit from quality content writing and copywriting.

What type of content does my business need?

Every business needs viable website content, link building content, social media content, promotional content and blog content. We can help with all.

How much content should my business produce?

Depends on your business goals and the type of platforms you intent to use to grow. Get in touch with us for a free digital consultation.

Does the agency work with freelancers?

Yes. We work with freelance specialists on internal projects.

Are there any partnership programs available?

Please check all our partnership programs here.

Does Skribu Digital outsource services to other digital/marketing agencies?

No. However, we have partners we can connect you with in case you cannot find a preferred service in our portfolio.

Why choose Skribu Digital instead of an in-house content team?

Deadline guarantee. Better quality. Better rate. Free consultation.

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