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10 Evident Reasons to Start a Blog for your Business in 2021

After a challenging year for businesses across the globe, it is time for brands to come in strong by starting a blog in 2021. Digital presence is no joke, as times are still uncertain and consumers are getting accustomed to online shopping and browsing for products and services on the web.

Maintaining an active blog is an efficient way to begin or improve your online journey, and be on top of your game. Keep on reading to uncover 10 undoubtful motives to invest in a corporate blog.

Why Start a Blog in 2021?

1. Starting a business blog is free!

The best thing about business blogs is you can start them completely for free. If you already have a website, then you already have a viable platform to host a blog page.

Of course, simply activating a Blog section on your business site will not be enough. To drive traffic and get recognized, you need to fill it with content. And not just any type of content - but helpful resources and articles directly connected with your brand, product and industry.

In the beginning, you can start with short original articles. For example, sharing updates and recent news about your company or products, or provide an expert view on a pressing matter in your field of work.

At a later stage, you can start investing in your blog by hiring experienced content writers and copywriting professionals to write long optimized content.

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2. Boost credibility

How can you boost your credibility? By adding additional value to your service through educational and informative content, customer reviews, etc. And how can you do those things? Online.

All you need to do is create a business blog and write about your story, mission, and all the news in your business field. Add a little bit of spice with promotional and recreational articles, product presentations, e-books, listicles, and how-to guides.

3. Storytelling

It is extremely important to be able to tell your story and engage with your audience. As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, to stay in the game - you need to have an online presence. Stand behind your mission and vision to spark client interest. Last but not least, engaging stories will bring you more leads and eventually - sales increase.

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4. Build a Sales Funnel

How will blog readers turn into customers, you will ask. The answer is, your business blog will create awareness for the product or service you are providing. No need to pay for email lists and send out spammy messages. Target and reach the readers who are already interested in your topics with blog posts. It is one of the best ways to build optimal sales funnels.

5. Gain Positive Reputation

Regular updates on your company and brand establish you as an active professional. It does not matter in which field your business is, there are always interesting topics to cover and updates to be shared. You can create blog articles on a regular basis to keep your image intact and gain an expert industry reputation.

Through business blog articles, you:

  • Prove yourself as a reliable business

  • Create extra value, which will outstand your business

  • Establish yourself as an expert

  • Reach new audience

6. Improve SEO

In the world of marketing and content creation, it’s no secret that optimizing blog posts will boost your website's SEO. Good search engine optimization drives traffic, boosts sales and presents a business as a trustworthy source of information.

We all know, when searching a topic, people rarely go past the second page. There are only a few results that get clicked on. And let's be honest - every business wants Google to display their products and brand content on the first page.

7. Less dependence on social media

On an everyday basis, we experience changes and have to get used to new updates on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and so on. As a business, it is not reliable to put 100% of the efforts into social media, that changes regulations on a regular basis.

Don't get us wrong, we can all agree that is important to have a social media presence. But it's also essential to build your own digital space, constantly attracting online customers and bringing organic leads.

Social media can be a business blog's supplemental channel. A place to promote your blog content to make the maximum of the digital world we are living in.

8. Boost creativity

People got used to scrolling in Social media and each post keeping their attention for less than 5 seconds. Users rarely tend to read everything as well. Only a catchy title and\or picture can stop them for a second and keep their attention span on anything. Afterwards, it all depends on the content quality to keep them as much as possible.

It's exactly the same with blog posts. Just writing random articles without putting any effort into reaching and captivating the clients is not enough. There is a whole creative process connected with content writing and content creation for business blogs.

One of the major SEO factors is indexing the average time spent on a page from a visitor. So when it comes to a brand website, the goal is for the reader to check a few articles and buy your products or service.

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9. Powerful way to promote your business online

Blog posts stay on the web forever, so they keep on representing your brand by appearing in search results years after their initial upload. This digital library of industry-related content is a key to long term recognition as a brand.

At the end of the day, an active business blog is a powerful tool to promote your company in the digital space with a minimum investment. Especially when combined with decent social media activity and advanced optimization.

10. Make money

Building your business blog as a reliable source of information and education will attract more advertisers. It will also bring you more organic visitors and potential customers, who might be interested in buying your products or using your services. Profit will come. Just be patient, create blog articles, tell your story and keep engaging with your audience.

Do you need help starting an active business blog? Skribu Digital can help!

If you want to generate readable content, Skribu Digital is the solution you are looking for! Never settle for low-quality blog posts again. Trust us with your online content and increase your website readability. Our content writing services will complement your in-house SEO strategy and will get you closer to your organic traffic goals.

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Article credit: Alis Papazyan & Maria Sonrisa


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