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Facebook Takes Down your Ads? Here is What you Might be Doing Wrong!

The thing about running Facebook ads is the social platform has a long list of dos and don't. At some point, everyone has to deal with ad restrictions. (Whether it is banned ad accounts or rejected ads.)

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with requirements. Sometimes we upload content that violates Facebook rules, without realizing it. And sometimes ads get taken down by mistake but could be filled for appeal.

There are two main problems people encounter when running Facebook ads. Either the platform has disapproved an ad or it has disabled an ad account.

In this article, we will cover both those issues. Stay around to learn more.

Rejected Facebook Ads: Troubleshooting & Advice

At one point every social media manager is bound to run into the problem of a rejected Facebook ad. The good news is, most times you won't need to scrap the copy or designs. With a few minor post changes, you can get the ad up and running again.

Why Does Facebook Not Approve Your Ads?

Facebook always provides a brief explanation of why an Ad has been rejected. However, the platform rarely shares details of exactly what was wrong with a particular ad. That often leaves merchants and businesses frustrated.

If you are in a situation when you cannot understand what the problem is, here are some of the most probable causes for ad cancellation:

  • Cap locks and excessive punctuation: Another common reason for ad rejection on Facebook is when the ad copy in all caps or with way too many exclamation or/and question marks. Emphasising a particular word or phrase is ok, but make sure you are not overdoing it.

  • Excessive use of the word “your”: Implications and pointing fingers at users are not well interpreted by Facebook, even if your goal is to solve a problem. Assumptions about race, religion, gender, sexuality, financial status, health, etc, are also not allowed.

  • Click-bait or spreading misinformation and fake news: If you try to sponsor or promote content that intends to trick users into clicking on your ad, Facebook is not the platform for you. Ads oriented excessively in generating clicks are interpreted as irrelevant content and spam.

  • Misleading or broken landing page: Your link and ad button should lead to a relevant landing page with content, matching the content of the advertisement. If it leads to a different website than promised or the landing page is non-existent, the Facebook ad will be taken down.

  • Advertising something prohibited or restricted: Facebook has strict guidelines on what could be advertised on the platform. We recommend reviewing their policies.

  • Sensitive topics with negative enforcement: Facebook does not tolerate addressing sensitive topics with negative language. So whatever you intend on advertising, your ad should have positive affirmations.

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Your ad was rejected. Now what?

If your ad is rejected, there are a few things you can do. Revise and edit your ad so that it is no longer problematic. Another option is to start from scratch - create a new ad that complies with Advertising Policies. Last but not least, you can appeal and request another review.

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Disabled Facebook Ad Account: Troubleshooting & Advice

Depending on the case, Facebook might not only take down your ad but also temporarily block your Ad Account. With a disabled Ad Account, you will not be able to run campaigns nor promotions.

What may cause a disabled Ad account on Facebook?

A disabled ad account is way worse than a single not approved ad because it fully limits you to upload more promotional content and run ads at all.

Here are the possible reasons for Disabled Ad Accounts on Facebook:

  • Violation of Terms of Service (Some of your actions are not allowed on Facebook)

  • Violation of Advertising Policies (One or more of your ads does not comply with Facebook ad requirements)

  • Payment failure (Cancelled payment due to insufficient funds, card limit, incorrect information, processing issues, or fraud suspicion)

The promotional content of Facebook businesses is continually reviewed for violations. This is a standard compliance procedure that ensures a safe environment for Facebook users and businesses. Ad Accounts are being restricted if they do not follow the Advertising Policies and even upon minor violations of Terms of Service.

Side note: If your Ad Account was disabled due to payment failure, please check out this troubleshooting article by Facebook instead.

What are good practices to avoid Ad account disabling?

Account disabling is way more common than you think. However, there are some good practices you can apply when creating your ad content.

But since the don'ts are more important when it comes to rule compliance and regulations on Facebook, here is a what-not-to-do guide instead.


How can I check if my Facebook Ad Account is disabled?

You will get a notification on Facebook Business and on your Admin user account. But even if you miss it, there is a way to check what is going on with your Ad Accounts. Visit the Account Quality page to see unresolved (and resolved) issues and current account statuses.

What to do if an Ad Account was Disabled unfairly?

If you believe an Ad account was punished unreasonably, file an appeal. To request another ad review, head over to the Account Quality page (link above). Next, select Request Review under "What You Can Do"and follow the steps.

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