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An Easy Task Guide to Successfully Manage Social Media Accounts

Whether you are a social media manager, marketing trainee, or a small business owner who wants to run their brand's social accounts - there are a few things you need to know. That's how to establish healthy communication with clients and partners; how to present the brand's vision through quality content; and how to successfully master task management.

To help you achieve brand goals and make your job easier, the Skribu Digital team prepared this article. Check out our short guide on how to successfully manage social media accounts:

The Ultimate Social Media Daily Tasks List

Comment & Review Reply

As a social media manager, the first thing you need to do when starting the workday is to check the accounts for new comments, reviews and recommendations. Client feedback is vital for maintaining a good brand image. Therefore, you need to appreciate and pay attention to what customers think of the company, service and products.

Kind and considerate replying to comments and reviews, even the negative ones, will show the audience that you value their opinion. Also shows that the business is open for communication and you are eager to grow and improve.

Brand Mentions

The next daily task on the list is checking for any brand mentions around the web. Usually, when users talk about an experience online, they tag the place or the product. A social media manager has quick access to all mentions of the company through the notification menu.

The correct way to handle business tags from customers is either to respond or repost. People get excited when a brand recognizes them and appreciates their feedback. Sharing these mentions via a story on social channels is a great way to show that appreciation. Also to keep the brand active and the followers entertained.

Monitor Trends & Hashtags

Working with trends is a great way to attract new fans of the brands. So make sure to check for trending hashtags, hot news and viral challenges on a daily basis. Use them wisely when you post. That way, you can stay on top of your game with the content you share on social media, and the followers will definitely engage more than usual.

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Curate Content

Even though original content is what makes a company unique, you can also stand out by partnering up or reposting the content of other brands in your field. Those who are not direct competitors, of course.

Share their content (blog posts, industry news, etc) once in a while if you think it might be valuable for your target audience. And don't forget to give credit and tag them.

Follow New Accounts

This one is a bit underrated. But connecting with brands, followers and loyal clients on social media is a great way to make a bond with customers and open new doors for future cooperation with businesses.

Social Media Management: Things you need to know

Digital Branding

Digital branding is the way you design and build your brand online throughout your website, social media and apps. It is a creative process of presenting your company values and strategy by making your brand more relatable to customers.

A good branding strategy can take a new business a long way ahead. That means all content a business puts out on the web and on social media platforms should have the company logo, brand fonts and colours, and follow the authentic branding patterns.

Content Planning & Content Calendar

Winging it might be a viable strategy in the beginning, but with time you will realize that content planning is key. Deciding what the next social media publication would be right before it's time to upload wastes time, energy and cannot be maintained in the long run.

That means the creative team needs to get the brainstorming process going to plan out all the posts for at least a month ahead. Careful planning and adding all the posts into an informational Content calendar will bring balance to the chaos. It will also help the social media designers and copywriters organize their time and tasks better.

Content Calendar planning for social media

Post Scheduling

After making a post plan and implementing it visually in a content calendar, it's time to talk about how to put the digital content online. Uploading each social media publication one by one is exhausting and non-necessary.

There are way too many scheduling tools that can make the process easier. With those tools, you can upload all the post designs with their relevant descriptions, tags, hashtags, etc, at once. Just set the date and time you want the posts to be published and the tool will do it for you.

Social Media Tools

Who said the life of a social media manager is hard? With so many tools and resources available, doing the job can be a breeze.

Here are Skribu Digital's top social media software picks:

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Stats & Analytics

At the beginning/end of each month, make an audit of the performance for the previous month. Analyze which posts and publications did better, what ads brought more sales, which content got more engagement, etc. That way you can concentrate on creating future posts that the audience wants to see and interact with.



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