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Digital Branding Basics for New Businesses

Digital branding is the way you design and build your brand online through website content, social media activity, and apps. It is a creative process of presenting your company values and strategy by making your brand more relatable to customers.

Since I have been in the field for a while, I definitely believe that branding should start way before establishing a company. A good branding strategy can take a new business a long way ahead. So my advice is if you haven’t started your business yet – better get on with the branding brainstorm process as soon as possible.

In case you have recently started your business, building a brand identity must be on the top of your task list. And if you already have an established brand, but you struggle to get the social media results you want, then it’s not too late to rebrand or improve your online presence.

Difference between a brand, branding, and brand identity

A brand is your name that defines how your business is perceived and how people see you. Branding is the creative way to present the uniqueness of your product/service through a unified design.

And a brand identity, a.k.a. brand image, combines all the visual elements of a brand (color, font, logo, design, etc) to create a memorable presentation of your business that will identify and differentiate your brand.

Digital Branding in the process of starting a business

Branding starts way before company registration. So best begin working on the brand's digital representation the moment you have the business idea and the resources to start out. That includes buying a domain name, making social accounts, settling on brand official font and colors, and investing in a professional logo and slogan.

Laptop with open tab Brand

Branding unification and why it is important

Unification is the heart of digital branding. When all of your activity, business texts, sounds, designs, and visuals resonate with the branding strategy, people will be able to recognize you in a second.

Branding unification is super important because it builds a business image and helps customers identify you and resonate with your vision and mission. Allows clients to set realistic expectations of what service or product they are getting and the value proposition behind it.

Here is a list of what you can do to make branding unified and fully harness the power of the digital world:

  • Buy a domain name

  • Create social media accounts with appropriate @handles

  • Set up a business email with your domain extension (don't go for, for example)

  • Aim for the domain, social accounts, and company email extension to be the same

  • Design professional email signature

  • Create a tagline/slogan

  • Choose brand colors & fonts and incorporate them into all your content

  • Make a unified design for all platforms, including offline

  • Design logo & social media covers

  • Design & optimize the website so it matches the branding strategy

  • Take pics and videos of your inventory/products to use later for advertisement and marketing purposes (always use original photos)

At the end of the day, branding will take a company far. And will open new opportunities to grow, develop products and succeed in luring in new customers.

How can Skribu Digital help?

Our team of branding professionals can guide you through the digitalization process. We will help you find your brand voice and identity, so your new or existing business can thrive. From design and copywriting to strategy and business solutions, our team is bound to make you stand out thanks to advanced digital branding.


This article is an alternated narrative by Maria Sonrisa on Skribu Digital's 15 Minute Webinar session on Instagram Live.


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