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The Power of Guest Blogging: Beginner’s Guide

Whether you want to try link building or boost your website SEO, guest posts are an excellent solution. Guest blogging is a great opportunity to improve SERP ranking and increase traffic for both sides. The host gets quality content on their website and the guest writing party gets valuable link(s).

To get a better outlook on the possibilities guest writing has in store, we have prepared a list of guest blogging tips.

These tips will save you time and money, and get you the results you strive for:

7 Proven Ways to Make Guest Blogging Work for You

Guest blogging provides endless business opportunities. You can write like an expert for other websites and other brand representatives could write for your blog. Both parties get to enjoy a positive outcome - building links, SEO improvement, reputation validation. And of course, more content that’s bringing leads and traffic to the sites.

Here are our top picks on how to make guest writing work for you and why you should consider doing it:

1. Set a topic and purpose

Before you start offering your guest writing, make sure to always set a topic that will be as close and as relevant to your business as possible. That way you will get ultimate results and will have an advantage when you start looking for blogging opportunities.

Think about the reasoning behind your guest blogging decisions, about the results you want to achieve. Set a purpose for your writing and choose a blog that will be a good fit for the content you want to present to their audience.

2. Conduct a research

Now, let’s answer one of the most important questions - where to publish your guest blog? On your search for writing opportunities, let the main focus be on the industry you want to approach and the viral/rising blogs in your niche.

Any blog that operates in the same or similar field as your company, is considered a good fit. Just make sure the website you link your brand to is reputable, authoritative and SEO optimized, with a high UX/UI score. Avoid suspicious and scam websites, and those with slow loading time and old school designs.

Answer the Public scheme for Guest Blogging | Everything about guest blogging | Guest post writing

3. Generate widely requested guest content

In general, widely requested content is always welcome, as it is considered that most clients are looking for certain hot topics.

There are a few things to have in mind when creating the guest blogging content:

  • Content should be optimized and easy to read

  • Write in a way that will fit your targeted blog(s) style

  • Make similar content to the one generated by the long-term writers of the site you approach

Present your content according to:

  • Searcher intent

  • Reader/customer type (B2B, B2C, industry experts, etc.)

  • Audience level (beginner, intermediate, expert)

  • Blog niche

Be aware, though, because not every brand is open to guest writers, and not every website will approve your content even if it’s the best thing you’ve ever composed. In any case, if the article is not approved, you can always post it directly on your website.

Side Note: To find relatable and highly searched topics, Skribu Digital recommends using the Answer The Public tool. This software works like Google Autosuggest but it presents the information in a visually appealing, structured, and easy-to-understand way.

4. Keep it informative

One of the most important rules of guest blogging is to keep your article informative and educational - not promotional. Indeed, a guest post will provide you with the exposure and links you are looking for but the purpose of it is not to promote your brand.

Publishing work as a guest is supposed to benefit both parties, not just one. Feel free to mention your business activity in your author’s bio, but do not get over your head to make an ad out of a regular guest post.

5. Write original content

Quality blog writing is all about authenticity and plagiarism-free content. Aim at creating engaging texts on new and uncovered topics. They should benefit and enrich the digital library of the brand you are writing for.

When it comes to guest blogging plagiarism is off the table. First, you are proving yourself to be an unreliable and unprofessional writer. Second, every business with self-respect and authority is checking their content for authenticity before upload. Therefore, do not try to get away with copycat tricks.

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6. Choose the right target link

When it comes to guest blogging and link building, choosing a targeted link is vital. First, you need to determine where you want the link to lead when guest post readers come across the content. Then you can choose a guest article topic that will cover a relevant topic, similar to the theme of the target page.

7. Optimize guest blogging posts

Blog posts are powerful! Their best trait and superpower is how much they affect Google’s ranking and website SEO score. Good readable content brings organic traffic and conversions, it increases sales and stimulates brand awareness.

With some basic content optimization techniques, you can impress with impeccable quality writing and visual appeal.

Here are some of the top SEO-friendly practices you can adopt in blog post creation:

  • Include the target keyword in the catchy Title & Headings

  • Write short readable sentences

  • Avoid repetition in the first word of sequent paragraphs

  • Add numbered lists and/or bullet points

  • Add relevant hyperlinks

  • Avoid keyword stuffing

  • Use a lot of transition words

  • Max 300 words per H3/H4 subheading & max 100 words per paragraph;

To further boost the guest blog post optimization, add the following features:

  • Target link to a custom landing page or relevant page on your site

  • Internal links to primary pages, products, or blog posts

  • Appealing visuals and infographics with optimized title texts, alt texts, and descriptions

  • Call-to-action

Side note: Make sure the guest blogging content is easy to read and comprehend. We recommend the YoastSEO or HemingwayApp tools to check the readability score.

Want to do guest blogging for Skribu Digital?

If you are a business owner or freelancer in the Digital Marketing, SEO, or Content creation field, we would love to have your content published with us! Feel free to reach out and present us with your articles and ideas. We are also open to cross-contribution.

Get in touch to learn more about these opportunities!



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