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10 Ways Quality Blog Content Improves Your SEO

What makes an article - quality content? Quality content is readable, understandable, and optimized to bring you organic traffic from search engines. This type of content takes more skills, effort, proofreading, and time to produce. Yet, in the end, it gives your website the SEO boost it deserves!

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Using Blog Content to Improve SEO

The best outcome from running an active blog with quality content is the immense SEO score increase. Of course, optimization results depend on more than just uploaded articles. The skills of the content writer behind the project and the effort they put into it are vital.

But if we assume you have reliable content creators and editors on your team, you will inevitably reap the SEO benefits of having a blog. Here are some of them:

1. More content to engage with

Running a blog means constantly uploading more and more content. As your virtual library expands, so does your website. That provides site visitors with extra resources and articles to read, and more content to engage with.

The high number of quality blog posts and topics covered encourages visitors to spend more time browsing through your website. And we all know when the audience finds online content relatable and sticks around, the SEO score of the site is bound to improve.

2. New link building opportunities

Now let's talk about one of the most important SEO factors - link building. Backlinks are hyperlinks added on external sites that are leading to yours. The external links indicate to search engines if your website is trustworthy and if it provides valuable and relevant information.

Those links are a true gamechanger, especially when coming from SEO-friendly authoritative sites. Moreover, with quality blog content search engines will start to recognize you as a reliable service.

Indeed, blogs are excellent means to embrace link building. If you run a blog you can provide guest writing opportunities. Or even better - publish your engaging content on another website, with relevant target links. A viable way to get the backlinks you need.

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3. More internal links

If you are looking for a simple and effortless way to build internal links, look no further than blog posts. Blog writing is an easy way to incorporate links, as you can amend the topic to match the target link elements (landing page, product, service, another blog post, etc).

You have full control over what links are used and where they lead. The theme of each blog post also depends on you. So you can mix both links and blog articles for an exquisite SEO cocktail. The more links your site has, the better it is perceived by the search engine algorithm.

4. Easy to read articles keep users longer on the site

Every content writer knows readability is one of the most important traits of quality texts. That is why every writing professional checks the readability score of their articles before they upload them to the web.

Excellent articles are always easy and pleasant to read. They are also skimmable, have good structure, and are written in a simplistic style. Readable blog posts contain short paragraphs and comprehensive sentences with lots of adjectives, numbers, and bullet points.

But probably the best thing about easy-to-read content is it skyrockets the SEO score and vastly improves SERP positions.

5. Increased use of keywords

Ready for another effortless SEO boost thanks to blog content? Let's talk about one of the main ranking factors - keywords. When you focus on the industry-important keywords your chances of getting recognized and recommended by Google are higher.

Essentially, more blog posts mean more keywords connected to your website. And more keywords mean increased change for your page to pop up as a top result on search engines. Blogging is like an opportunity you cannot miss. An opportunity to introduce relevant keywords to your site.

6. Fresh content drives traffic

Having a blog is a long-term investment and results do not come right away. However, it is essential to keep the blog active and filled with fresh content. Otherwise, the website will end up looking neglected and outdated to search engine crawlers and visitors.

New articles drive new traffic. Fresh blog posts also eliminate doubts if the business is still active and if the content on-site is still relevant. Websites with stale content and inactive blog sections are usually ranked lower by search engines. The best upload ratio for an SEO-friendly blog is 1-2 articles per week.

7. Chance to address frequently asked questions

One of the perks of having a blog is you can cover frequently asked question (FAQ) topics in your blog posts. FAQs are the most searched client queries. That means people are actively looking for explanations online.

So grab this opportunity and start providing detailed and well-structured answers in the form of articles. This way, when a potential customer types a question into Google (or other search engines), your blog content could show up and bring you organic traffic.

8. Blogs turn your site into a resource hub

One of the best reasons to start a blog is to be recognized as a trustworthy source of information. A skilled copywriter, with talent and experience, can turn your blog into a resource hub that attracts potential clients with exceptional content.

When you produce quality content, the site generates traffic. Article after article, eventually your digital library will grow exponentially. Providing access to industry news, training, and information to the users visiting your website will give you an organic SEO boost.

For a better engagement rate, consider using trend discovery tools such as Google Trends, or Answer The Public tool.

9. Authentic content boosts the SERP ranking

If you are looking for a way to skyrocket your content's SEO value, always publish authentic content and avoid plagiarism at all times. Search engines' crawlers are able to recognize both unique and copycat texts.

When you put out original articles you can get a boost in the SERP ranking. However, if you want to trick the algorithm and upload stolen or plagiarized content, your website will eventually be penalized.

10. Quality blog posts will keep bringing leads (long-term)

Blogging is a great way to utilize evergreen content. Blog posts would continue to bring your site organic traffic for at least a few years, maybe even permanently (depending on the topic). As long as the content is still relevant, you can share and promote it over and over again or enjoy all the free leads that come through Google results.

Skribu Digital is your blogging best friend…

Blog posts are an essential part of any well-structured and optimized website. However, quality publications that boost SEO take time and effort to finish. Such projects require extensive knowledge of content techniques and writing practices, but most importantly - they cannot write themselves.

Here is where the Skribu content writing team comes to save the day! Our professionals are certified writers with experience in SEO-friendly content. To deliver top-notch service, we have a 9-step proofreading process, and perform exclusive plagiarism and readability checks for our clients, completely for free.

Sounds good? If you are interested in our blogging service - get in touch!



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